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Suitov's notebook

Invisible icicle!

Suitov Iceheart
Suitov's the name. Title, strictly speaking. Known popularly as Iceheart. I'm most often to be found at Profusion, the fantasy and sci-fi writing and roleplay group formerly known as Proelium.

More about me. Summary: clever, possibly evil and very busy mage lord. In appearance, human nordgelert male, mid-twenties, height around six feet, build closer to lichlike than treetrunk, pale, dark hair; wears a lot of black and ice-blue, always favouring practical over finery or robes. Accompanied by black, red-eyed dog. Sounds English.

I maintain that I am a character in the head of hellmutt, and nobody can prove otherwise.

((Suitov is an OC from an original universe. He's quite used to interacting with alien worlds through things known in his context as worldgates. However, the idea of interacting with people who acknowledge themselves as fictional is a new one on him. basaltine is his hellhoundish familiar, but won't be present unless explicitly stated - or invoked by other players.))
academia, alchemistry, archimagery, comparative magistery, conjuration, conjuring tricks, draconidae, dragannerie, friends, hellhounds, innfidelity (not a typo), interesting things, langauges, learning, magery, magoscience, moonburnt, not being gored, parlour tricks, people, playacting, proelium, profusion, scholarly spats, scientific journals, shade, spell decompilation, spellbinding, spellslinging, spellwriting, thaumaturgy, vampire huntresses